The Red Calaveras is the story of the crappiest punk rock band that must save the entire Galaxy from terribly bland and boring music. This is also the story of Roy Calavera, a weird and slightly obsessive guy with an infatuation with the singer of the PepperMint Patties and Ramon Calavera, Roy's brother and owner of the greatest sucker punch in the world. Joining them is Johnny Rochester, drummer and Milwaukee native out to find his way in the world. Along for the ride are roadies, waitresses, Asian action stars, other bands, drunk guys, murderous androids and blue skinned girls.

The Team

Erik Lervold was born when he was very young. He draws a lot and tries to play a lot of instruments. He likes ferrets. He also has a bunch of books published. He can also be hired to draw stuff for you. Someday he will have a gallery show where he will show paintings of people. Erik loves stealing Steaks.

Andrey Zubko is the original back up guy. He does a lot of back ups for the comic, and he basically made this site. He enjoys a drink in moderation.

Kevin Collins is the spiritual advisor (i.e. guy with car and a great sales pitch) and local phat man.

Nick has gout and is over 70 years old in his mind. He is a programmer, says he plays the drums and has an autistic cat. He had his steak stole from him once.

Writings + Comments